If I Could Buy Only One – January 21 VINTAGES Release

We asked our writers, “If you could buy only one wine from this release, which one would it be and why?”

Domaine Yvon & Laurent Vocoret Petit Chablis 2020

($27.95, Dbino Inc.)
Michael Godel – Citrus zest and a sexy chalkiness strike first in the Domaine Yvon & Laurent Vocoret Petit Chablis 2020, a flux of radiant energy comes next and power transferred to the palate is tangible. More than just a little wine in fact the Vocoret’s Petit Chablis is exemplary of what this appellative category should and must mean. A translation of terroir and it’s important to put into perspective that making comparisons with Chablis, Premier or Grand Cru is both futile and a waste of time. P-C stands alone and the stage presence of this 2020 speaks to place, that being the homestead at Maligny and plots within a three-plus ha set of vineyards delineated as Petit Chablis. Some of the vines are 68 years of age growing in the Kimmeridgian clay-limestone. Not so petit, eh? 

David Lawrason – Here’s an affordable education for those wading into Chablis, and Domaine Yvon & Laurent Vocoret Petit Chablis 2020 is a great value for those who make Chablis a frequent choice, which happens to my category. The nose is not hugely intense but it is fairly complex and detailed with well woven apple, lemon, wet stone, lees and vaguely lactic notes. Medium weight, texturally very refined and fulfilling at the same time. Flavour intensity and length are excellent, with a mouth-watering chalky finish. A very elegant, stylish wine that speaks beyond its Petit-Chablis origin.

Paul Mas Reserve Marsanne 2021

($15.95, Roy + Co. Selections)
Sara d’Amato –  Roussanne vs marsanne, what one lacks the other one makes up for which is why you often see them as a pair. In the northern Rhone, marsanne is favored and in the southern Rhône roussanne is the star, especially in the white blends of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, an appellation in which you may even find roussanne as a mono-varietal. But marsanne on its own is less common and the Paul Mas Reserve Marsanne 2021‘s a terrifically inexpensive example of the hardy marsanne, praised for its richness of texture. Made by emblematic Pays d’Oc winegrower and négociant Paul Mas, this rare varietal expression at under $16 is sure to pull you out of your mid-winter doldrums. Full-bodied yet somehow crunchy with naturally derived ginger and spice to liven the senses. Try with cream-based baked pasta dishes or enjoy on its own when the mood strikes.

Castello Vicchiomaggio Agostino Petri Riserva Chianti Classico 2018, 47th Anniversary

($30.95, Signature Wines & Spirits)
Megha Jandhyala – The Castello Vicchiomaggio Agostino Petri Riserva Chianti Classico 2018, 47th Anniversary is my “Only One” this week. Concentrated, supple, and graceful, it is a blend of sangiovese and a small amount of cabernet sauvignon sourced from low-yielding vines planted in a single vineyard on the Castello Vicchiomaggio estate in Greve. Embodying both vitality and maturity, this radiantly garnet riserva is drinking beautifully now and will continue to do so into the latter half of this decade. I like the vivid and finely integrated flavours of fresh cherries, kirsch liquor, dried red currants, herbs, and delicate spice, alongside aromas of an old cedar trunk. I was also taken with its captivating, enduring finish.


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